Ladies, do you know exactly how important it is to maintain good intimate hygiene?

Very Important! Not just to feel cleaner and fresh but also to avoid any kind of problems that may arise.
Many women don't consider intimate hygiene separate from their regular hygiene routine. However, proper intimate hygiene requires different habits and it’s important because your vagina is delicate.
So, Let’s talk about the most neglected aspect of a woman’s hygiene and some very common intimate area problems women face all over the world.

5 common intimate area problems that women experience



Like any other part of your body, your intimate area also has sweat glands. So, if you experience irritation in your intimate area, don’t feel alone.

Unpleasant Odour

Having slight odour in your vagina is normal. Sometimes the odour can be affected by many things like one’s diet, sweat, fabric or if you have neglected your hygiene. However, when it is strong and accompanied with itching or colored discharge, it could be a sign of infection. In such a case you should consult your doctor.


Every woman has felt itchy in her intimate area at some point in her life. So, feel a sense of solidarity with your fellow ladies because vaginal itch is common. It can be due to multiple reasons like hormonal changes, harsh soaps and even certain fabrics


Did you know vaginal dryness has affected many women at some point in their lives? It is more common than you think.


Don’t be alarmed by normal vaginal discharge, as normal discharge is considered healthy! However, if you experience excessive discharge, you know it’s time to take measures.
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